Common side effects

In 2005 my poetry career was getting interesting. I found myself at a film festival in Berlin where my debut poetry short, Oedipus, scooped a top prize. It was here that I met with a Dutch animator named Udo Prinsen, and we resolved to one day work together.

That sort of happened, but hardly, so for the sake of this story let’s pretend it didn’t and skip ahead to us drifting apart.

Now – seven years on, without a word shared – fate brings us ineluctably back together. It transpires Udo was commissioned by my Dutch publisher, Ambo Anthos, to make a short film in response to my novel.

Small world, eh?

He has done far, far more than make an advert. The animation is stunning, truly beautiful. And I love the soundtrack. It’s a band called Malcanisten and the track is called Clive Wearing named after the British musicologist who suffered from amnesia. But aside from all that, it sounds wonderful:

Now it probably helps that I know how all those typewritten words translate; they’re taken from the novel. But if you don’t speak Dutch fear not because the English version is (hopefully) soon to follow…

director: Udo Prinsen

follow Udo Prinsen & Carambolas Films @

Music editing, sound design and audio mix by Jorge San Martín Beuk for HapSlik.

Music: Clive Wearing by Malcanisten

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Malcanisten.
Produced by Jorge San Martín Beuk.

Sjaak Kassies: lead vocals, clarineau and percussion. 

Olivier Wieringa: ukulele, banjo, harmonics, cajon and choir. 

Robbert Houtman: ukulele, percussion and choir. Jorge San Martín Beuk: guitar, percussion, accordion and choir. 

download the song ‘Clive Wearing’ @

Common side effects is a short poetic film produced by Carambolas Films and directed by Udo Prinsen in co-operation with Ambo | Anthos Publishers. The film is inspired by the novel ‘The shock of the fall’, written by Nathan Filer, published by Harper Collins in the UK and in the Netherlands by Anthos Publishing.

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