Abertay Graduation Ceremony

I was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from Abertay University. Here is a very nice video celebrating all of the winter 2015 graduates:

TEDx Talk

The other week I gave a talk for TEDx Youth Bath. It was essentially an edited version of an essay that I wrote for the W&A Yearbook. The advantage of the video is that you get to see my corporeal form and make private judgements about my shirt, hair, glasses, shoulders etc.

It also saves […]

On the TV

I’ve recently returned from a few days in Holland and Belgium where I was promoting the Dutch translation of my novel. As part of the tour I did my first (perhaps only) TV appearance.

I was terribly nervous and came away with 1000 regrets, but it was worth it to share a studio with Andrew […]

Getting to know you…

Often people send me Qs and in return I send them As. An example of this sort of carry on took place with the good people at Killer Reads. Other times I simply get to have a lovely telephone conversation with someone, then they do all the hard work. This can happen as far away […]

Radio 4 Open Book

Look! Here! Is! Another! Photograph!

It’s Mariella Frostrup’s head floating (coquettishly) through space. Don’t worry. It’s art. In real life she remains attached to her body. I know this because I met her the other day to record Open Book for Radio 4. I was horribly sleep-deprived and utterly useless. Fortunately I was interviewed […]

Radio 2 Book Club

Look! Here! Is! A! Photograph!

It’s of me and radio 2 Drivetime DJ, Simon Mayo.

I featured on his show the other day to chat about The Shock of the Fall. I was terribly nervous, but it went okay really. He’s a nice guy. If you click on the photo (anywhere, even my adam’s […]