The Mind in the Media

Earlier this month I presented a BBC Radio 4 documentary about representations of mental illness in the media. You can listen to it on BBC iPlayer by clicking on the young Jack Nicholson.

I feel really proud of this documentary. The interviewees were so generous in sharing their stories, and make such important points. […]

Rules of Engagement

Here’s a rather charming illustration of an engagement ring by Melinda Josie. The ring I gave Emily wasn’t nearly so nice or expensive-looking, but everything else is true. Indeed, it was verified as true by a New York Times “fact-checker” over the course of a forty minute telephone interview and a couple of emails, requesting […]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Bollocks

… was my suggested title for an article I wrote this week. I suspected the Guardian subeditors wouldn’t run with it. But they have published the article.

It’s about why you should ignore the superlatives on book jackets, and they’ve called it: Why you should ignore the superlatives on book jackets.

(I admire their […]

How to write an award-winning first novel

A few months back the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook approached me asking if I might contribute an essay for the 2015 edition. They suggested the title: “How to write an award-winning first novel”.

Naturally I recoiled at this because I do try, wherever possible, not to sound like a dick. However it did […]