Abertay Graduation Ceremony

I was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from Abertay University. Here is a very nice video celebrating all of the winter 2015 graduates:

NHS Children’s Mental Health Services

I’ve been getting involved in an important local campaign calling for our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to remain integrated and within the NHS. I’ve shared some of my thoughts with The Bristol Cable, which you can read by clicking the logo.

I’ll also be at the demonstration on Wednesday 26 August, meeting […]

Festival du premier roman

Never again will I be able to say there hasn’t been an interpretive dance inspired by The Shock of the Fall. I’ve been on the road a bit lately, and am just back from a wonderful literature festival in ChambĂ©ry, France.

As much as I enjoy giving talks at festivals, I suppose they do feel […]

National Book Awards

The Shock of the Fall recently won “Popular Fiction Book of the Year” at the National Book Awards.

The reception was at 11 Downing Street so I used my speech to talk about this government’s woeful underfunding of mental health care. Only the day before the ceremony the Royal College of Nursing issued a major […]

Rules of Engagement

Here’s a rather charming illustration of an engagement ring by Melinda Josie. The ring I gave Emily wasn’t nearly so nice or expensive-looking, but everything else is true. Indeed, it was verified as true by a New York Times “fact-checker” over the course of a forty minute telephone interview and a couple of emails, requesting […]


The Shock of the Fall has been nominated for a Specasaver’s National Book Award. It has also recently passed a big milestone in sales – finding its way into the hands of over 300,000 readers.

To celebrate what has proved a remarkable year in the life of this book, The Borough Press have teamed up […]

Bath Spa University Interview

I really enjoyed this conversation, which I think covers all the major themes of The Shock of the Fall, and more besides. Great questions from the audience. Also, yes, it is a new shirt – thanks for noticing.

Nurse turned Fireman

I seem to work for the Guardian all of a sudden. I didn’t write this one (or indeed know that there was a journalist in the audience) but since I’ve been quoted here’s the link:

Mental health work is just firefighting now.

I stand by what I said.



Yesterday I was named as one of the Nursing Times Nursing Leaders of 2014 for “influencing the way the public thinks about mental illness and mental health nursing”.

This award means so much to me. For all the good things that have happened in my writing career recently, nursing remains such a very […]


Didn’t make it to the Costa 2013 Award Ceremony? Not to worry. It went like this (but with a lot more standing around):

My Hero

Look. It’s Malala Yousafzai.

She’s great. Everyone knows that. I decided to tell The Guardian anyway. Click on her picture to be taken to my article.

Guardian Article

Look! Here is a picture of me and my good friend Byron Vincent. We’re just hanging out under the M32, casually pretending to chat about stuff whilst a photographer from The Guardian captures the moment.

Click on the photo to read our thoughts about NHS psychiatric wards. And thank you to all of those […]

BBC 5o’clock News

Yesterday I was interviewed by Huw Edwards (very nice chap) on the BBC News Channel. You can watch us here:

P.S. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I am wearing the exact same shirt-jumper combo as seen recently on BBC Points West. To you people I say this: It’s my TV outfit, […]

BBC Points West

I’ve had another go at being on the telly, this time back in Blighty. It was a brief appearance on local news with BBC Points West. Here it is:

a book by its cover

So this has arrived:

It’s the cover design for my UK paperback due out in February. I’m rather pleased with it and I love that it riffs on the glorious hardback design. It’s a little lighter in tone – but hell, who wants my opinion on these things when I can share the accompanying […]

Radio 4 Open Book

Look! Here! Is! Another! Photograph!

It’s Mariella Frostrup’s head floating (coquettishly) through space. Don’t worry. It’s art. In real life she remains attached to her body. I know this because I met her the other day to record Open Book for Radio 4. I was horribly sleep-deprived and utterly useless. Fortunately I was interviewed […]

Radio 2 Book Club

Look! Here! Is! A! Photograph!

It’s of me and radio 2 Drivetime DJ, Simon Mayo.

I featured on his show the other day to chat about The Shock of the Fall. I was terribly nervous, but it went okay really. He’s a nice guy. If you click on the photo (anywhere, even my adam’s […]

Poster Alert

Write for Your Life Podcast

This week I was guest on the podcast of Iain Broome, author of the superb A is for Angelica. We sound a lot like two knackered new dads – he trumps me with twins – bemoaning how we got everything we ever wanted. In that respect it’s excruciating, but there are a few gems, and […]

US cover design

Here is the US cover, designed at St Martin’s Press. They have retained the original title of the work.

A beautiful interpretation.


Here is the Dutch cover design for my novel.

Quite brilliant, I think.

Book Alert

My debut novel The Shock of the Fall will be published by HarperCollins in May 2013. It can be pre-ordered from this charming online bookstore.


(It’s got pictures and everything.)