Festival du premier roman

Never again will I be able to say there hasn’t been an interpretive dance inspired by The Shock of the Fall. I’ve been on the road a bit lately, and am just back from a wonderful literature festival in Chambéry, France.

As much as I enjoy giving talks at festivals, I suppose they do feel a bit samey after a while. But it’s fair to say this one took me by surprise.

Arriving to give a talk to students from a near-by secondary school (Lycée Ambroise Croizat), I was asked to take a seat in the audience first. They had prepared a dance inspired by The Shock of the Fall that they wanted to share with me. My shoddy camera work doesn’t do it justice, but you’ll get a sense of how much time and effort they had put into this. I was dead impressed, anyway.

At a similarly terrific event students from lycée Vaugelas had written their own creative responses to the novel, in the form of letters from Nanny Noo:

I think they’re wonderful, as were the responses of students from Le Granier high school who presented a beautiful “keepsake” box filled with original artwork, objects and letters inspired by the novel.


Thank you to all the students who have been working so imaginatively with The Shock of the Fall, and to the Festival du Premier Roman for inviting me over. It was a real treat.

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