Rules of Engagement

Here’s a rather charming illustration of an engagement ring by Melinda Josie. The ring I gave Emily wasn’t nearly so nice or expensive-looking, but everything else is true. Indeed, it was verified as true by a New York Times “fact-checker” over the course of a forty minute telephone interview and a couple of emails, requesting […]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Bollocks

… was my suggested title for an article I wrote this week. I suspected the Guardian subeditors wouldn’t run with it. But they have published the article.

It’s about why you should ignore the superlatives on book jackets, and they’ve called it: Why you should ignore the superlatives on book jackets.

(I admire their […]

How to write an award-winning first novel

A few months back the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook approached me asking if I might contribute an essay for the 2015 edition. They suggested the title: “How to write an award-winning first novel”.

Naturally I recoiled at this because I do try, wherever possible, not to sound like a dick. However it did […]

My Hero

Look. It’s Malala Yousafzai.

She’s great. Everyone knows that. I decided to tell The Guardian anyway. Click on her picture to be taken to my article.

Guardian Article

Look! Here is a picture of me and my good friend Byron Vincent. We’re just hanging out under the M32, casually pretending to chat about stuff whilst a photographer from The Guardian captures the moment.

Click on the photo to read our thoughts about NHS psychiatric wards. And thank you to all of those […]

I had no intention of putting up a fight,

          but these guys weren’t to know that. And nobody was taking any chances.

That was the opening line from the first draft of The Shock of the Fall. It wasn’t called The Shock of the Fall back then. It wasn’t called anything. It was just that line; those two short sentences […]