Israel Story

My wife and I were recently interviewed for Israel Story. If you haven’t heard of this podcast then I strongly recommend you check it out. It’s a lot like “This American Life”.

From their website: “Israel Story is a bi-weekly podcast, hosted by Mishy Harman and distributed by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange. It tells […]

Rancho Mirage Writers Festival 2015

All in the Mind

Look. It’s Claudia Hammond, host of BBC radio 4’s All in the Mind.

I recently met with her for a brief chat about mental health and writing. The author Matt Haig was with us too. If you click on Claudia’s microphone you’ll be transported to another part of the internet where you can have […]

Bath Spa University Interview

I really enjoyed this conversation, which I think covers all the major themes of The Shock of the Fall, and more besides. Great questions from the audience. Also, yes, it is a new shirt – thanks for noticing.

Nurse turned Fireman

I seem to work for the Guardian all of a sudden. I didn’t write this one (or indeed know that there was a journalist in the audience) but since I’ve been quoted here’s the link:

Mental health work is just firefighting now.

I stand by what I said.


BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking

Look! It’s that incredible author Eimear McBride standing on a staircase between myself and the journalist Anne McElvoy. I’m actually quite a lot taller than Eimear but she’s standing on a higher step. These are minor details.

If you click on the photograph you’ll be taken to BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking, where you […]

Radio 4 Front Row...again

Look. It’s this guy again.

We’ve been chatting some more, tying up loose ends (although, technically, that’s another show) and clearing up some terrible misunderstandings. Click on his beaming visage to have a listen. We’re twelve minutes in, after Matthew McConaughey.

Radio 4 Front Row

Look. It’s journalist, broadcaster and author Mark Lawson.






If you click on his forehead you’ll be transported directly into his mind where you can listen to his innermost thoughts about The Arts. He shares some of these thoughts with me (about eleven minutes in).



BBC 5o’clock News

Yesterday I was interviewed by Huw Edwards (very nice chap) on the BBC News Channel. You can watch us here:

P.S. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I am wearing the exact same shirt-jumper combo as seen recently on BBC Points West. To you people I say this: It’s my TV outfit, […]

BBC World Service

I’ve had an interesting chat with Tim Franks from the BBC World Service. We talk about The Shock of the Fall, the costa prize and all that kind of carry on. You can listen to it here.

BBC Points West

I’ve had another go at being on the telly, this time back in Blighty. It was a brief appearance on local news with BBC Points West. Here it is:

On the TV

I’ve recently returned from a few days in Holland and Belgium where I was promoting the Dutch translation of my novel. As part of the tour I did my first (perhaps only) TV appearance.

I was terribly nervous and came away with 1000 regrets, but it was worth it to share a studio with Andrew […]

Dr Phil’s Saturday Surgery

Here’s a recent conversation I had with Dr/DJ Phil Hammond. We talk about my ‘dream’ dinner party guests and music choices. We also talk about mental illness and the state of the NHS. I say ‘interesting’ quite a lot. Why not make yourself a nice cup of tea and have a listen…

$(document).ready(function(){ $(“#jquery_jplayer_1”).jPlayer({ […]

Remember remember

On the 5th of November The Shock of the Fall will be released in the US under its original title where the moon isn’t. From the outside they look pretty different, huh? But between those covers is the exact same story.

Well, almost. On page 102 in the UK you will feel the dry […]

CBT Today

Ah ha – I have an interview in ‘CBT Today’. It’s a journal about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.






And if that print is too small to read, don’t worry it goes something like this:

We are both mental health nurses although I am pre-project 2000 and therefore prehistoric. How old […]

Getting to know you…

Often people send me Qs and in return I send them As. An example of this sort of carry on took place with the good people at Killer Reads. Other times I simply get to have a lovely telephone conversation with someone, then they do all the hard work. This can happen as far away […]

Radio 4 Open Book

Look! Here! Is! Another! Photograph!

It’s Mariella Frostrup’s head floating (coquettishly) through space. Don’t worry. It’s art. In real life she remains attached to her body. I know this because I met her the other day to record Open Book for Radio 4. I was horribly sleep-deprived and utterly useless. Fortunately I was interviewed […]

Radio 2 Book Club

Look! Here! Is! A! Photograph!

It’s of me and radio 2 Drivetime DJ, Simon Mayo.

I featured on his show the other day to chat about The Shock of the Fall. I was terribly nervous, but it went okay really. He’s a nice guy. If you click on the photo (anywhere, even my adam’s […]

Interview Alert

What’s just about the worst thing you’ve ever heard of?

Discover my opinions on this and other pressing matters by clicking here. Better yet, learn the views of Alain de Botton, Nick Laird, Roger McGough, Laura Dockrill, Deborah Levy and a whole lot of other people. They’re here at fleeting interviews.

In other news, the […]