Waterstones Books for Syria

I’m very happy to announce that The Shock of the Fall is part of the Waterstones Buy Books for Syria Campaign. Pop into Waterstones and buy a copy with the sticker on, and 100% of the royalties will go to support Oxfam’s vital work in the region.


NHS Children’s Mental Health Services

I’ve been getting involved in an important local campaign calling for our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to remain integrated and within the NHS. I’ve shared some of my thoughts with The Bristol Cable, which you can read by clicking the logo.

I’ll also be at the demonstration on Wednesday 26 August, meeting […]

Guardian Weekend Feature

I spent the whole of last month in hospital and I wasn’t even sick. Ha. I wrote all about it for the The Guardian Weekend, landing my first cover story. Below is the blurb that ran with the feature, and if you click on the photograph of the brilliant Dr Nick Sargant (resuscitating a […]

LSE Literature Festival (video)

Following on from that last post, the video from my LSE lecture is now available online. Right here, in fact:

I’m speaking alongside Dr Sarah Carr, Dr John McGowan and Paul Farmer. My own talk starts about 17 minutes in, and there is a very interesting Q&A at 1hr 08 mins.


LSE Literary Festival (audio)

The other day I was fortunate enough to give a talk at the London School of Economics, alongside Dr Sarah Carr, Paul Farmer and Dr John McGowan.

It was recorded and you can listen to the audio here. I gather a video is to follow and if it does I’ll be sure to post that […]

Nurse turned Fireman

I seem to work for the Guardian all of a sudden. I didn’t write this one (or indeed know that there was a journalist in the audience) but since I’ve been quoted here’s the link:

Mental health work is just firefighting now.

I stand by what I said.


Pop a cork

I am delighted to share that The Shock of the Fall has been longlisted for the 2014 Desmond Elliott Prize. I’m on the list with:

The Letter Bearer by Robert Allison Idiopathy by Sam Byers Meeting the English by Kate Clanchy Sedition by Katharine Grant The Dynamite Room by Jason Hewitt A Girl Is a […]

Poster Alert

Ira Glass on the Creative Process

Today a friend shared this with me. I think it’s really good.

That’s all for now.

Collection for Syria

Here’s a fact: The conflict in Syria has left every 3rd Syrian in need of humanitar‚Äčian aid. This includes everythin‚Äčg from food, clean water and medical care to socks and sanitary towels.

My girlfriend and I are volunteering with the charity Hand in Hand for Syria, which is organising a national programme of fundraising activities […]

Common side effects (English)

Remember Udo? Udo Prinsen? No? I talked about him right here. Ah, yes. It’s all coming back. And I said that I hoped an English language version of his wonderful TSOTF inspired animation would be forthcoming.

Well just look what he went and did:

Isn’t it something? I, for one, love it.